The Crafting of Woody Fig

There are many details that go into the creation of a perfume. It is almost like a writer crafting a novel: it needs to tell a story and of course it also needs to be engaging. First impressions last. The scent needs to envelope the senses, but it also needs to settle down to something memorable, if not magical, for the wearer.

Woody Fig

Each oil in a perfumer's palette has its own purpose and personality, and depending on the type of message the scent is to convey, we choose oils that help capture this.

Woody Fig was created to be a sophisticated, yet versatile and easy-to-wear perfume. I wanted it to have a level of maturity that made it suitable for all occasions.

"Fig" perfumes are generally playful and fun, and often more for daytime use. I find some fig perfumes lack complexity, whereas I am always drawn to scents with a greater sense of mystique. The woody component in the Woody Fig scent brings in a level of depth and sophistication.

Woody Fig was completed in 2017 after several months of development. I have refined the scent over the years and reformulated it as my skillset has developed. I believe crafting perfume is a journey and sometimes we look back at our work and make improvements to enhance the sensory experience. There are no further reformulations planned.