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About Samuel Gravan


I am a self-taught botanical perfumer. I have created perfume since 2010, however I never originally intended to sell my scents, they were always created for my own personal use. I have struggled in my life to find a scent that suited me and hence I embarked on a journey of natural perfumery.


In 2012 I took my studies further and underwent specialist tutoring. I embraced the basics but I wanted to create perfume that did not follow protocol. In 2016, I met a lady who would inspire me to set up a website and sell my perfumes. I started to connect with like-minded individuals who understood the beauty of naturals and also of unique scents.


As my skills developed, I incorporated very small amounts of synthetics into my perfumes. It is a well known fact that 100% natural perfumes do not have the sillage and longevity of their synthetic counterparts. I am very sensitive to synthetics, especially diffusers and candles. For this reason, I use very small amounts of synthetics (3 - 4%); just enough to amplify the perfume so it lasts longer on the skin.


Our perfumes are composed of 25 - 35% essential oil content. Most perfumery on the market use much lower concentrations of essential oils, and I find that customers can immediately smell the quality of the oils that we use. Once you try these perfumes, you will understand the quality and workmanship that goes into each bottle.


We also will not source any oils that are endangered, unsustainable or come from suppliers or places with questionable practices or inferior extraction methods. We only use high quality essential oils and employ traditional methods of perfumery to macerate and mature all of the blends. Some of the oils we use are in short demand, and during periods of the year we may not have all perfumes available because of this. We are also a small batch maker, which means that the perfume you purchase from our store will have been recently made.


I love the work I do and have a wide range of knowledge of perfumery and skincare. I invite you to explore the collection and look forward to welcoming you on this wonderful sensory journey.

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Samuel Gravan is a Sydney-based Artisan Perfumer specialising in natural and botanical perfumes and skincare. He makes all of his products by hand in his studio in Paddington.


In addition to his own collection, Samuel has been commissioned, over the years, by a number of fashion, hospitality and skincare brands, as well as private patrons, to develop bespoke perfumes and skincare products.

Samuel's products have been widely published in Australian and international magazines and websites. He is also the Head Perfumer behind Wyalba's perfume collection, MarianaJ body oils and various perfume related projects.

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