Top notes: Basil, lemon, juniper berry, bergamot.

Middle notes: Pine needles, lavender, cardamom.

Bass notes: Vetiver, patchouli, Virginian cedar, Morrocan cedarwood.

Vetiver Absolute | Solid Perfume (25g)

  • Elegant. comforting. A grounding, aromatic scent with a crisp citrus intensity.


    "Vetiver Absolute starts with a zesty hit of crisp lemon, lime rind and herbaceous basil. As the scent settles, the exotic cardamom and aromatic lavender come to the surface along with the lively bergamot. Rich patchouli and grounding vetiver create a lively ensemble evocative of the far east."

    – Samuel Gravan


    The Vetiver Absolute Solid Perfume is made by hand with the highest grade essential oils, featuring over 98% natural ingredients. Made with enriching shea butter, macadamia oil, candelilla, apricot kernel oil and a touch of beeswax.