Top notes: Basil, lemon, mandarin, clementine, yuzu, fig.

Middle notes: Siberian fir, bergamot, black pepper, cardamom.

Bass notes: Cedar, amyris, sandalwood, rosewood, benzoin.

Woody Fig | Eau de Parfum (30ml)

  • Addictive. Fearless. A resinous, woody scent with fresh fig and citrus.


    "Woody Fig captures the essence of the fig tree, the freshness of the fig paired with the alluring depth of resinous Benzoin, Sandalwood and a selection of various cedar oils. The scent centers on an array of citrus oils and has slight fruity undertones. The scent is boosted by precious woods and has a tinge of basil and siberian fir to give it a crispness."

    – Samuel Gravan


    The Woody Fig Eau de Parfum is made by hand with the highest grade essential oils, featuring over 98% natural ingredients. Also available in 100ml, 50ml, 10ml and 1.5ml (sample) sizes.